Truck Wraps are Moving Billboards

Vehicle wrap, car wraps, truck or wrap advertising is the marketing practice of completely or partially wrapping a vehicle, car or bus in an advertisement or livery, a mobile billboard is the outcome of the process.

Commercial vehicle and fleet wrap advertising and marketing solutions doesn’t come served up better anywhere else than from WrapCity! Miami’s premier vehicle wrap company, offering our customers award winning vehicle wrap design, production and 3M trained installation services to achieve the very vest vehicle wrap solutions to you and your brand!

A truck wrap consists of covering a vehicle completely or partially in an adhesive digital vinyl material. We print your mobile advertising vehicle wrap on only the highest quality vinyl, then the printed vinyl is covered with an over-laminate to make it scratch and chemical resistant, and to give it UV protection. Then our experienced installers go to work, carefully applying your advertisement to your vehicles, fitting and conforming the vinyl around the curves and contours of your vehicle.

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Vehicle wraps and graphics wraps have become crucial marketing tools from small operations to larger businesses as an effective means of advertising. Since company vehicles are always on the move, this advertising solution will reach customers all over your local market on a daily basis. Vehicle wraps designed and created by WrapCity give companies more customers than billboards can. Billboard ads may are far from the eyes of their audience and are often ignored. Small businesses benefit most by vehicle wraps and graphics since it is a less expensive means of advertising.

Call or contact WrapCity today for a consultation. We can help decide which custom solutions will work best for you, your business, and your budget. And remember, we’ve been open for business for over a decade. We know how to get your business the attention it needs to continue to grow.

Truck Wrap Miami

How do you get your car, van, truck wrapped? Simple! At Wrap City, we will take you through the steps. First, we’ll create your artwork from scratch, based on your ideas and instructions. We’ll send you the mockup concept, and once you approve the design, it is just a matter of days for us to print and install your brand new car wrap.

So whether you need a color change for your truck to get the hottest look, or a partial or full wrap to advertise your company, give us a call or let us a message on the website! At Wrap City our vehicle wrap specialists will work with you to find the best options that fit your budget!

Truck Wrap Exposure

Full truck wraps are perfect for promotional vehicles optimizing the amount of impressions that are received. If your company’s brand does require large format graphics then you may want to consider a partial wrap. Partial truck wraps require less material therefore lowering installation costs. This can include either just a tailgate, doors or back window. A popular choice amongst businesses is combine a design that fades into the original color of the truck with logos and service information.

Custom vehicle graphics are one of the top ways to attract attention from your target audience and put your message ahead of your competition’s. The more creative and meaningful your design is and the stronger the connection that it has to your brand identity, the greater the impact it will have, and with today’s high tech processes and materials, the sky is the limit in terms of what can be done.