Wall Wraps use in Business

All of our wall wraps are custom made to suit your business needs. If you are looking to create a large format graphic for your store front, or add your logo to your interior walls, we can help. Our extensive experience in creating and installing wall wraps and wall murals has led us to work with every industry imaginable to help them produce high quality identity pieces in order to establish their professional visibility. From medical offices and schools to retail space and car dealerships, almost every business can benefit from professional, state-of-the-art wall wraps.

Wall wraps are a cost effective way to advertise, making your store front easily identifiable, while providing increased visibility for your company or making your interior and exterior space eye-catching. Wall wraps will enhance the life of any room and the designs and concepts are as limitless as you want them to be. And, there is no need to worry about wall wrap or wall mural installation disrupting your work flow, as our process is quick, easy and clean. Our company also uses the highest quality materials and UV protection, so your wall wraps will last for years to come!

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Custom wall coverings are everywhere from banks to gyms and stores. Newer technology is letting designers create like never before. Customer awareness is leading the way as designers now know the sky is the limit. In this picture we installed customer provided graphics using a specific adhesive vinyl that will not harm the wall when it is removed, while at the same time lasting for years. The end result changed the whole attitude of the room.

WrapCity is a full-service outdoor advertising company. Our design studio, custom sign manufacturing, and vehicle wrap experts bring experience in graphic design and project management, which we believe are two of the most important skills required to deliver the best sign possible from concept to installation.

Wall Wrap in Miami

Have you been looking for a high impact, cost-effective way to design your space? Wall wraps are a great way to transform any room, display or storefront into an eye catching billboard or display. So if you are looking to add color to an existing office space, or planning for a new location, contact WrapCity today to see what we can do for you.

Wall wraps and wall graphics are a a great way to add that extra wow factor to your business or office space. This is a great alternative to painting or adding wallpaper. Whether it be a permanent fixture or a temporary decoration, wall wraps offer great benefits to improve the aesthetics of your wall space.

Wall Wrap Quality

Complete your branded store front with perforated window vision wraps, vinyl logos and digital graphics to catch your and your competitors customers immediately. Hi impact window graphics broadcast your advertising message outside and act as a privacy screen for people trying to look in while still allowing you to see out. With the option of creating dusted and frosted crystal effects or multicoloured visuals on interior glass windows and partitions, 3M graphic films allow creativity and offers innovative, high-performance solutions for glass design using graphics, text and special effects. They also increase the visual impact of windows, doors and partitions while providing privacy.

WrapCity can wrap your storefront with custom window decal signage using perforated one way view vinyl materials. You business message can be in full color graphics outside with your logo in the image, yet looking out from the inside will be a clear view through the outside window decals.